Saturday, February 10, 2007

Computer Problems

The problem with my computer was not a bad mother board, as originally believed, but rather a combination of a failing hard drive and a problem with the flat screen. When I received the computer from the famous "Geek Squad," I couldn't load the operating system, and the new flat screen had a deep scratch. I sent the computer back, and hopefully it will be in working order by February 23, a full month after I took it in!

In the mean time, Windows updates had all but rendered by backup computer useless, using so much C drive space that the defragmenter balked. I switched to a Linux operating system, and discovered that the modem would no longer seize the phone line and detect dial tone. I've searched in vain for a technical fix; but have gotten some good writing done, albeit offline.

If you've been trying to reach me, be patient: I'm limited to sporadic visits to the local library until my main computer returns from the shop.

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