Saturday, December 16, 2006

Season of Giving

In this season of giving,
It’s so nice to see
All the people who are caring
About you and me.

As the New Year approaches,
And we all look ahead;
Let’s review where it is
That our promises have led.

We’ve been giving our best
To the favorite few,
And been true to our word
Where good fortune grew.

But what of the others?
We gave not a gift.
And forgot that we told them
We’d give them a lift.

We spoiled the planet
By dumping our waste;
And raping the land
While claiming we’re chaste.

So, what have we given
To our planet at large?
Do others feel grateful
That we are in charge?

In this season of giving,
Let’s renew our vow:
To help make the world better.
Let’s start giving now.

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