Thursday, September 13, 2007

Product Analog

If we could view the economic equivalent of a spectrum analyzer, where each frequency (or combination of frequencies) corresponds to a product, the power reading could tell us, with some mathematical manipulation, how many there were in whatever part of the system we were connected to. By looking at different parts of the system, we could watch these products move around, get cancelled out, or be created, depending on the circumstances.

The movement of a product would be enabled in one of two ways. One way would be for a component or group of components to change the “impedance” of the path to a location of the “signal” enough to connect to it with minimum degradation; the signal would then be “shared” among all of the components in the path. Another way would be for the components generating the signal to physically move from one part of the system to another, with the “purchaser” providing energy for the move and establishing the appropriate connections to the new part of the system so the signal wasn’t degraded.

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