Thursday, April 12, 2007


In my view, most of the world’s problems would be solvable if more people chose to respect other people, other species, and the way the Universe works.

We are much less likely to hurt those who we respect than those we don’t. Building empires by walking over other countries and their traditions is unthinkable if you respect their citizens and cultures. Destruction of “the environment” is less likely if you respect both the people and other species that inhabit your common home. Succeeding in creating a positive future demands accurate understanding and respect for how natural systems operate and evolve, minimizing unintended consequences of our actions.

Racism, genocide, wars, and catastrophic climate change could be avoided if we all took the time to appreciate the value of our shared heritage and respected each other enough to develop a common vision of the kind of world that ALL of us, including future generations, could live in.

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